I forgot to cover the bike last night.  But it is April, who would have thought? … Sorry T-Rox!


14 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Uh-oh… Apparently you didn’t get the memo: 2016 (the jerk) has cancelled summer. It’s just gonna dive right into second winter, and it indicated that a third and a fourth are likely to follow before the year is out. If it’s any consolation, Shadow flocking* is becoming fashionable again.

    Really, before we know it, Shadow Rider, it’ll be sweltering mid-August and we’ll all be fondly recalling these cooler days of spring.

    *Shadow flocking should not be confused with the traditional Scottish insult “Ach! Goo ‘n’ flock yoor shadow, ya gob!”

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    1. 2016 does feel like a jerk! Haha but such is life, I grew up in New England so I should be used to flip-floppy weather patterns. I hope you’ve gotten some riding in this spring!


      1. Spring in Salt Lake has been typical so far, also a roller coaster. Then again, that’s characteristic for the whole Great Basin, year round: scorching one day, freezing the next; raining or snowing one moment, parched the next.

        Other than commuting and errands, I have been able to hit a few daytrips already. Right now I’m mostly doing what other Northern Hemisphere riders likely are doing: contemplating the season—which spots to visit again and what places to see for the first time. Such daydreaming seems to be one of the rider’s greatest pleasures.

        Be well, moto-friend.


      1. Well, heck yeah! I know exactly where Adrenaline is.

        Depending on how long you’re gonna be in these parts, maybe can even put together a ride or two: You already know that Utah has incredible roads and landscapes to offer.

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  2. So, Shadow Rider, where are you these days? Are you out in Utah? We miss you in these parts! I think of you every day that I’m at the theater. We still have a few armed men in hiding here. 😉


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