Stuck at Work

Shortly after dismounting my bike in October, I acquired my first ever serious, professional, benefits included and everything job.  Although I will never be ungrateful for being employed, and although I feel that this job is for a good cause (I work for a solar company), this transition has been challenging to say the least.  A computer screen demands all of my attention for tasks that are mentally rigorous, complex, and tediously detail oriented.  And a restless spirit simply is not built to sit and scrutinize a screen all day.

But a job is a job and for now it is a means to an end.  And this collaboration of post-its, white out, and candy wrappers will keep my spirits up for the time being.




I’m quite proud of it.  My boss seemed to like it, too, although I’ve noticed he’s been keeping a closer eye on me lately.

5 thoughts on “Stuck at Work

  1. That is great! Little diversions, a proven fact, do relieve stress and improve focus; therefore, allow for improved, creative performance. And the best part is the steed of steel an you..

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  2. Ha-haa! Wonderful, Shadow Rider. Be sure to include this in the Motorcyclist’s Off-Season Survival Kit that you’re no doubt developing for mass-production and sale. 🙂

    I imagine that it might also contain a spray bottle to simulate wet riding or being stuck behind that car with the over-juiced windshield washer, and a ziplock of dead insects to pepper one’s teeth for that just-was-riding-with-a-big-fat-grin look.

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    1. Ry, your comment made me laugh so hard, and I was at work when I read it in a mostly quiet office so my co-workers probably thought I finally fell off my rocker. So thank you for that! Look out for your order of Off-Season Survival Kits in the mail, I’ll send you free samples to give to your friends! (Bugs not included.)

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