Not the End

This is exactly what my odometer read as I pulled into my driveway last night at 7:05 p.m. Shivering, wet, and practically glued to the bike.  An eerily round number, I couldn’t have made it that exact if I tried.  Four months, ten days, 12,000 miles.  I’m filled with so many emotions that I can’t describe.

Although it is time to prepare for a temporarily stationary life, the stories of the trip are by no means complete. Looking back at what I wrote I realized that I’ve only scratched the surface of the experience of the last four months, so the stories will continue for months to come.  Like me, you can pretend I’m still on the bike!

4 thoughts on “Not the End

  1. Welcome back Shadow Rider. Thank you for the photos of your road trip. I remember my days traveling the country as a truck driver. Probably not as much fun as your summer. Well i’m here at Haddad Toyota if you ever need a vehicle. Until then try to stay warm this winter. Best Travis


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