If you’ve ever considered visiting Utah…

 Just go.












8 thoughts on “If you’ve ever considered visiting Utah…

  1. Nawh, just bypass Utah entirely: It’s not even half as spectacular as it appears in these pics. It contains no wide-open spaces, no magically fantastic canyons, and no landscapes that are simply unreal otherwise. It’s just one big, crowded, polluted city from border to border and, um, border to border. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that all of these photos have been heavily ‘shopped.

    Sincerely, Ry Austin, a proud Utahan and life-long striver to keep his great state a secret. 😉

    (Really, a lovely post, Kristin, as each photo is worth AT LEAST a thousand words.)

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      1. Yeah, I was a bit worried there, Shadow Rider: I’m always afraid of being misread. Words can be one’s greatest allies, or they can be destructive little saboteurs. Too often the result depends on how those words are heard or read by others.

        I am fortunate for having grown up in Utah, with parents that took their kids camping and hiking from day one. I probably too often take for granted the closeness of my spectacular backyard, but maybe not—I get out into it whenever possible.

        I’m glad that you’ve been able to experience the magic of Utah’s landscapes.

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      2. Thanks Ry, I agree about words. And I also appreciate you sharing your beautiful state with s fellow rider, I could have spent this whole four months on the road just on highway 12! That rocks that your parents got you guys outdoors early on, they sound like cool people.


  2. Southern Utah is gorgeous. Took cross-country rode trip (by car) with my wife and two beagles back in 2010. Not been there by moto yet. It’s on the list. Beautiful photos!


  3. I really liked the pictures, Kristin!

    I confess that I didn t know many things about Utah before. But as your pictures showed me, it seems a beautiful and a must place to visit soon. Keep doing your trips and posting more pictures here =)


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