Stuck at Work

Shortly after dismounting my bike in October, I acquired my first ever serious, professional, benefits included and everything job.  Although I will never be ungrateful for being employed, and although I feel that this job is for a good cause (I work for a solar company), this transition has been challenging to say the least.  A computer screen demands all of my attention for tasks that are … Continue reading Stuck at Work

Peanut Butter and Tortillas and Bears, Oh My!

Bears are a tricky sort of threat when you are camping without an enclosed vehicle. As I moved west on my journey I noticed more and more signs posted at campgrounds depicting hungry bears and the consequences of leaving food unprotected overnight. By the time I got to Utah this threat put me in a very awkward situation. I had been riding through a remote … Continue reading Peanut Butter and Tortillas and Bears, Oh My!

Coffee: The Drink of the MotoGods

I have never been much of a coffee drinker.  In fact, I can barely handle green tea.  I love the flavor of both, but it’s the caffeine that my system can’t tolerate.  I feel nauseas, sweaty, shaky, and I can’t focus on anything.  Every time I drink it I think, “Why?? Why do you have this fantasy that this will somehow be different today when you get … Continue reading Coffee: The Drink of the MotoGods